I recently took up trip up to the high Sierras and decided to visit the oldest trees on the planet - the amazing bristlecone pines. Take a look at some of the images from my travels.




I have always felt energy from the ocean.  The immense power of the ocean is only equaled by its life-giving  beauty, making it easily one of my favorite photographic subjects.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my novel with you.


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With their amazing colors and natural beauty, flowers are naturally one of the most wonderful subjects to photograph.  Check out a few of my favorites.

If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.


Egypt - We're just back from exploring the land of the pharohs and all their amazing sights !

Sometimes the most interesting photos are right under your nose and you never see them because the timing or lighting isn't right, especially in the city.  Night time makes exploring the city a whole new experience.

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Atlanta, Georgia  & Washington, D.C.

We're back from Georgia and Washington DC. Check out the new photographs in the City Scapes gallery.